How To Evaluate Online LPN Programs

If you want to become a LPN and desire to complete your nursing education through one of the online LPN programs, how do you even begin to choose one? There are so many choices, the decision can be overwhelming. There are certain things you should look for when you research the choices available. Setting some preliminary criteria will help to eliminate the less desirable schools and narrow your selection to only those that meet your criteria.

So, what should you look for in evaluating the online LPN programs?

First and foremost, contact State Board of Nursing and ask them for the most recent list of accredited and recognized LPN programs. If you attend a school that is not accredited or recognized, you will not qualify for taking the test for licensing. This should immediately narrow your choice of available schools. Armed with your list of accredited programs, head to the internet and do a search on each one. Don’t hesitate to request more information by completing the ‘request for information’ forms. Usually you can’t even get enough information to make an informed decision until you complete the request form. The information that most online LPN programs actually have online is actually quite limited.

online LPN programsVery few universities openly offer details on the prerequisites needed, required courses and the program costs. If you don’t have adequate information to make an informed decision, you could end up choosing a woefully inadequate program. Not only will you be miserable, you could also spend thousands of dollars and end up with nothing. If the online LPN programs are based in a local college, contact the program director and make an appointment to discuss the program that the college offers and to get more information. A face-to-face encounter may give you invaluable information for making your final decision. Whether the contact is via an email or through a phone call, keep your communication on a pleasant and professional level. Be certain to also dress professionally for the meeting as that the first impression you give to the college may factor into the decision as to whether you will be admitted.

Perhaps the first thing you need to know is what pre-requisites are necessary to apply for admission to the LPN school.

There will be differences in each school and some may require you to complete certain pre-requisites before you can apply or even be considered for admission. For example, high school chemistry may be a prerequisite. If you did not take this in high school, you will need to take it through your local community college. So it may take you another six months to a year before you can actually be enrolled in the online LPN programs.

As you attend one of the online LPN programs, look ahead to the future. Is the LPN simply a stepping stone for you to eventually become a RN? For many aspiring nurses, it often is. If so, you may want to look at schools that allow an easy transition into one of the LPN to RN programs. In fact, many RN programs have set up to allow initial licensing as a LPN and then a smooth transition to complete the registered nurse training required for qualifying for the registered nurse licensing exam.


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